Frequently Asked Questions


How do I set up my Wine Saver Pro System?



  • Larger diameter bottles fit better in the center of the rack.
  • Keep nozzles in bottles connected to system at all times.
  • Keep rack on a flat, stable surface.
  • The system is designed for service professionals, not for customer use.
  • Nozzle levers should face upwards.


How often should I order gas?

Many customers use about 1 case per quarter per Wine Saver Pro system, which is what we recommend subscribers start with.

Are the canisters recyclable?

Used canisters are non-hazardous, and empty canisters are recycled with your cans and other metal recyclables.

How many canisters of argon gas is in a case?

There are 12 canisters per case.

How many glasses of wine does a canister preserve?

Each canister of argon gas will preserve around 12 bottles of wine.

I ran out of gas, can you ship me gas overnight?

Due to DOT regulations, argon can only be shipped via ground. Visit (link to UPS time estimator) to estimate when your gas will arrive.

I have more gas than I need, can I return it?

Argon canisters are not to be shipped by anyone other than Wine Saver Pro professionals due to DOT regulations.

What makes Wine Saver Pro’s gas different?

High purity argon gas is packaged in cleaned, virgin canisters produced for WSP and is food-grade quality.

General Questions

What kinds of establishments benefit most from the Wine Saver Pro?

Wine bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms all see a great return on investment after implementing the Wine Saver Pro. The system increases sales and minimizes waste right away, and should only be used on your high value wines.

How do restaurants manage red and white wines with the Wine Saver Pro?

Many establishments will have 2 units placed in temperature controlled cellars appropriate for optimal serving temperature based on the type of wines they are serving.

Can I move a partially used gas canister from one system to another?

No, do not remove a partially used canister from your Wine Saver Pro system. Since contents are under pressure, canisters must be fully used before removing.


How do I care for the Wine Saver Pro rack?
  • Keep the rack clean with dish soap and water, do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners.
  • The door hinge may get loose over time, the screw on the bottom can be tightened easily.
  • Rack components are fully serviceable, contact Wine Saver Pro for service options.
How do I care for the Wine Saver Pro nozzles?
  • Fins and seals should be rinsed in HOT water after every use.
  • Nozzles and draw tubes should be flushed after every use with hot water.
  • We recommend that you have a few extra nozzles and draw tubes on hand to ensure clean equipment is handy when needed.
  • Typical commercial users should replace nozzles annually to maintain optimum seal.
  • Follow instructions for use/cleaning to ensure high quality wine delivery and tight gas seal

Trouble Shooting

What can cause foaming in the Wine Saver Pro system?

Foaming can be caused by a damaged or improper tube seal in the nozzle, or scratches on outside of draw tube also cause this issue.

What can cause the Wine Saver Pro system to leak?

The most common cause of leaking is improper insertion of nozzles. Nozzle seals must be clean and dry, and should be inserted firmly with a slight twisting action.

The nozzle should bottom out on the taper of the seal, not the flange.

Screw top (Stelvin) bottles have a larger ID and might not seal properly on the standard nozzle. We offer a larger stopper nozzle if you find you are frequently serving this type of wine.

The o-ring at quick disconnect may be worn.

The nozzle seal could be worn.

The quick disconnect on the nozzle should be disconnected before removing the nozzle from the bottle to minimize gas usage.

The gas canister will thread easily, and then become more difficult as it pierces the canister, then it will get easy again. Be sure to continue to tighten until it is fully seated.

If you are getting leaks with no nozzles connected, you may have an issue with the integral closure on the disconnect – contact WSP tech support.

If a leak is elusive, please contact WSP tech support for advanced diagnosis.

We recommend refreshing your nozzles annually for optimum seal.

The Program

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

  • Our goal is to improve your wine serving experience and if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. Please contact us immediately with any concerns so we can guide you to success. 
  • The premium plan can be cancelled any time after one year, but unit must be returned within 30 days of cancellation or $698 is charged to users card.
  • Commercial purchase with automatic gas delivery can be cancelled at any time, but discounted pricing for gas and accessories will be suspended.
  • Unfortunately, due to DOT shipping regulations, gas canisters are not returnable. 
  • Once we receive the equipment, we’ll evalutate the condition. In most cases, the full purchase price minus the cost of the parts that contact wine (nozzles and drawtubes) can be refunded. If additional servicing is required, you will be notified immediately to work out a fair arrangement. When complete, we will initiate a refund to your original method of payment. 
  • We’re sorry to see any customer unhappy, but we’ll do what we can to make it right.  

"The Wine Saver Pro is my favorite toy at the club. We have a small beverage program so great reds were always a huge risk with little reward. Now, with our ability to preserve these wines, our members are being exposed to a wonderful world of handcrafted wines from all over the world. We never dump old wine anymore. We do flights and glass pours with huge success. With its ease of use and outstanding ability to preserve wine, I couldn't imagine not having a Wine Saver Pro."

Nick C. Philip
Dining Operations Manager
Columbia Yacht Club

"With so many wineries competing for restaurant business, I need a bit of an edge, and the Wine Saver Pro is just what I need to make sure Daven Lore wines are always poured by the glass and protected."

Gordon Taylor
Daven Lore Winery

"Great system to use in a retail outlet, as it allows consumers to try wines they would not usually try. It broadens their wine buying experience and can up sell to more premium wines. We have noticed a significant increase in premium wine sales due to the Wine Saver Pro."

Kate O’Brien
Bottle O’Brien’s
Cronulla, NSW Australia

"Our wine distributor is thrilled their brands are being featured and their premium case sales have been soaring even in this difficult economy."

Matt Rossi
Bones Grille
Lansdale, PA