The Wine Saver Pro is easy to set up and begin using right out of the box, and is completely self contained. Installing and changing the gas cartridge is as simple as changing a light bulb. After uncorking, insert the draw stem into the nozzle and secure the nozzle onto the neck of the bottle. Then you’re ready to serve – no electricity, no unsightly tank under the bar.

This preservation system is ideal for wine bars, restaurants, and tasting rooms that want to up the ante on their wine by the glass offerings, but don’t want to risk wasting a partially consumed bottle of premium wine. Wine Saver Pro is a great companion to your existing house wine by the glass program.

How it helps your bottom line:
Offer high-end wines by the glass without risking waste. Wine Saver Pro restaurateurs charge on average $30 per 6-ounce pour, and tasting rooms frequently charge, $5-$10 per ounce. Each canister dispenses about 12 bottles of wine, working out to a cost of $.50 per preserved glass. A preserved bottle will easily last two weeks, sometimes longer, allowing you to offer higher-priced wines by-the-glass with the quality of a freshly opened bottle.


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"The Wine Saver Pro is my favorite toy at the club. We have a small beverage program so great reds were always a huge risk with little reward. Now, with our ability to preserve these wines, our members are being exposed to a wonderful world of handcrafted wines from all over the world. We never dump old wine anymore. We do flights and glass pours with huge success. With its ease of use and outstanding ability to preserve wine, I couldn't imagine not having a Wine Saver Pro."

Nick C. Philip
Dining Operations Manager
Columbia Yacht Club

"With so many wineries competing for restaurant business, I need a bit of an edge, and the Wine Saver Pro is just what I need to make sure Daven Lore wines are always poured by the glass and protected."

Gordon Taylor
Daven Lore Winery

"Great system to use in a retail outlet, as it allows consumers to try wines they would not usually try. It broadens their wine buying experience and can up sell to more premium wines. We have noticed a significant increase in premium wine sales due to the Wine Saver Pro."

Kate O’Brien
Bottle O’Brien’s
Cronulla, NSW Australia

"Our wine distributor is thrilled their brands are being featured and their premium case sales have been soaring even in this difficult economy."

Matt Rossi
Bones Grille
Lansdale, PA