The Wine Saver Pro Pure Pour Process 

  1. Run Tap Head and Draw Stem under hot water. Allow all pieces to fully dry prior to using.
  2. Insert the straight side of the Draw Stem (bet end down) into the rubber seal in the bottom of the Tap Head.
  3. Adjust the Draw Stem so it will reach the bottom of the bottle. Draw Stems are adjustable to reach the bottom of most 750 ML bottles.
  4. Insert Tap Head/Draw Stem assembly into bottleneck. Firmly press down into bottleneck with a slight twisting motion until tightly seated.
  5. Place the bottle in the rack.
  6. Push in metal release tab on the quick disconnect fitting.
  7. Push the quick disconnect fitting onto the back of the nozzle with the metal release tab facing up until you hear it click.
  8. Push the compartment door on the front of WSH Rack, the door will pop open and a crack will appear. Prop door open all the way using your index finger.
  9. Thread the argon gas canister into the regulator unit. Turn the canister clockwise until you feel slight resistance, which will pierce the seal of the canister to activate the argon gas. Continue threading the canister clockwise until it is fully seated. Once inserted, do not remove until empty – contents under pressure!
  10. To remove the nozzle, first release the quick disconnect by pressing the metal release tab, then pull nozzle out of the bottle.

The perfect glass:  Tilt glass, slowly push nozzle, make sure all drips fall into the glass



"The Wine Saver Pro is my favorite toy at the club. We have a small beverage program so great reds were always a huge risk with little reward. Now, with our ability to preserve these wines, our members are being exposed to a wonderful world of handcrafted wines from all over the world. We never dump old wine anymore. We do flights and glass pours with huge success. With its ease of use and outstanding ability to preserve wine, I couldn't imagine not having a Wine Saver Pro."

Nick C. Philip
Dining Operations Manager
Columbia Yacht Club

"With so many wineries competing for restaurant business, I need a bit of an edge, and the Wine Saver Pro is just what I need to make sure Daven Lore wines are always poured by the glass and protected."

Gordon Taylor
Daven Lore Winery

"Great system to use in a retail outlet, as it allows consumers to try wines they would not usually try. It broadens their wine buying experience and can up sell to more premium wines. We have noticed a significant increase in premium wine sales due to the Wine Saver Pro."

Kate O’Brien
Bottle O’Brien’s
Cronulla, NSW Australia

"Our wine distributor is thrilled their brands are being featured and their premium case sales have been soaring even in this difficult economy."

Matt Rossi
Bones Grille
Lansdale, PA