The element of preservation

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The only ... wine preservation that will work ... is when an inert gas is actually used to dispense the wine in the first place.
Wine & Spirits, copyrighted

Oxygen ... It’s 21% of the air we breathe and it sustains our life, but no less an authority than Louis Pasteur described it as the ‘enemy of wine’.

Oxygen is a needed element in the winemaking process, as it assists the wine in its natural aging process.

BUT, we also know that once a bottle of wine is opened, the degenerative effects of Oxygen begin to take hold immediately and can turn your fine wine bad in as little as one day.

"The only method of wine preservation that will work, therefore, is when an inert gas is actually used to dispense the wine in the first place. Such devices do exist, but they are not yet that common." Wine & Spirits, copyrighted

Until now ...

Wine Saver PRO has engineered a wine preservation system incorporating Argon Gas to preserve and dispense wine at its peak freshness ensuring the wine's integrity for weeks at a time.

Why Argon?

Argon Gas is completely inert and 2.5 times heavier than Oxygen. When inserted into the bottle, the much denser Argon lays directly on the surface of the wine creating a barrier between the much lighter Oxygen and the wine surface.

In addition, every time you dispense wine from the stationary bottle, more Argon gas is inserted creating an even larger blanket of protection.

Argon is substantially more costly to extract from the atmosphere than Nitrogen, but our partners have created a system that is dollar for dollar the same cost as Nitrogen and proven to work far better.

Unlike vacuum systems, which pump and remove the "heavy" oxygen from the bottle, they also remove the "light" volatile aroma elements from the wine.

Additional points:

  • WSP will ensure perfect wine integrity for weeks at a time
  • Keeps the harmful effects of oxygen away using inert Argon gas technology
  • Unique Argon gas cylinder / regulator system serves perfect wine every pour
  • Gas based systems out-perform vacuum systems for freshness and Argon greatly out-performs Nitrogen based systems
  • Argon Gas is the gas of choice for high-end wineries in their efforts to reduce the harmful effects of Oxidation in the winemaking process
  • WSP•Argon cylinders are simple to re-order, shipped via UPS anywhere in the world
  • After use, Argon gas cylinders can be discarded in your regular trash, unlike popular Nitrogen canisters, which need to adhere to DEP disposal regulations